My Vision for Davis County

Northern Utah is experiencing a growth period that by all projections will last until at least 2045, if not longer.  Our population in Northern Utah will double to over 6 million residents.  Davis County and her communities will be faced with the challenges that will come with this growth in the coming years.  Transportation and roads, jobs, crime, clean air, water, education, recreation, cultural facilities and events, trail systems, housing, EMS services, possible homeless populations, and public safety will all need to be impacted.

Important keys for today and the future include:

Forward Thinking

  • Plans and decisions must be made for the pending growth

  • Attitudes in leadership must change in the future

  • Planning relationships between the county and cities are needed

Team Work

  • All levels of Government must work together as a team

  • Support for the new ways of thinking is imperative to success

  • There is no place for internal friction within any organization

City Involvement

  • All Davis County Cities must maintain their unique styles

  • Strategic planning for the future needs to be in place

  • The county must support cities both must work together consistently


  • Team support for K-12, tech, and university levels of education

  • Strong education systems help to draw companies to our area

  • We must support STEM-related programs and build youth interest


  • Utilize prop 1 transportation dollars for county-wide programs

  • Build relationships with UDOT/WFRC to fund road programs

  • Use existing State funding programs to improve road maintenance

Economic Development

  • Create an atmosphere of “Team Work” between cities

  • Develop countywide economic site plan based on city-input

  • Programs to protect existing job-oriented business

  • Utilize GOED/EDCU to help market our economic plans

  • Build alliances with northern Utah counties for economic development

  • Expanded support for major county employers e.g., Hill Air Force Base

  • Continued support of Davis Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Maintain or lower the current taxing structure to support business

  • Support of redevelopment agencies to enhance commercial growth